This 2-DVD set is designed to expand the musical possibilities for the marching percussion section. The technique exercises featured in these DVDs are geared toward achieving these musical goals. One of the highlights of this DVD set is observing how Mr. Reeves teaches his students technique and musicianship in an accessible and effective way.
Mr Reeves was an instructor for the The Santa Clara Vanguard and The Cavaliers and is the current percussion arranger for The Troopers. He was a performer with the World Champion Star of Indiana.


Drum Sound -The Pursuit of Musical Excellence in Marching Percussion
(ID: PADVD-1028)

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Mr. Reeves
Booklet with scores
Scores for each exercise and excerpt are included in this DVD set.
The viewer can use these scores to learn and follow along with the drumline.

Improving the band's sound
This DVD set teaches the importance of achieving a high quality of sound and musicianship in the drumline.
A better drumline sound results in a better band sound.

Teaching patiently and resolving issues
Mr. Reeves talks about resolving various common issues that band directors and percussion students encounter.
Sound quality, dealing with indoor and outdoor venues and tuning are just a few examples of issues covered in the set DVD set.

Promoter: Tomio Yamamoto
Editorial Supervisor: David Reeves
Performer: Alex Bond, Brian Blaugrund, Brian King, Darren Meucci, Devin Bews, Josh Fulfs, Kurt Pearsall,
                     Nicholas Molenda, Nick Crocker, Nick Davis, Ryan Hanzawa, Steve Henry, Yeon-hee Yim
Language: English / Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese
Translator: Miho Takekawa
Number of discs: 2
Run Time: Disc1: 121min. /Disc2: 123min.)
Aspecto ratio: 4:3 Fullscreen

Exercise1 - Check Sound and Single Stroke
Exercise2 - Accent and Tap
Exercise3 - Double Stroke
Exercise4 - Accented Double Stroke
Excerpt A, Rehearsal
Excerpt B, Rehearsal
Performance Details and Checklist
On Concert and Marching Percussion
On Good Sound and Bad Sound
On Instructing Beginning Percussionists
Tuning for Indoor Use

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